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In 2011 our company joined an international group, which was created to facilitate the promotion and distribution of agricultural products and medical herbs on the European market. The group consists of three companies, created with English, Polish and Ukrainian capital. The name of this collective is «Mercury Group» and we're successfully operating on Ukrainian and European markets.

The group also includes Ukrainian private company «Mercury Group» and the English «Cereal Crops Trading LLP».
Private company «PP Mercury Service» is known on the Ukrainian market since 2002. Since then the company solidified its status of a reliable producer of raw agricultural materials for big Ukrainian and European companies from various business sectors. Most prominent ones include pharmaceutics and food production.
Private company «PP Mercury Service» first started off as a distributor of seed and oil plant cultures, but grew into a large player on the pharmaceutical market by selling fruits and medical herbs. Starting in 2014 it has been successfully growing thistle with large contents of silymarine.

«Cereal Crops Trading LLP» is an experienced company, which, up until recently, specialized in agricultural products. It expenaded the reach on the European and Eastern European markets by producing raw plant medicinal material.The ideal combination of Eastern and Western business traditions and the massive experience on the agricultural market allow for steady growth of the whole «Mercury Group». Its reputation is well known among market players.