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Our History

F.H.U. «VILIA» was founded in 2010. We were driven by the amazing medical potential of plants, herbs and seeds. We wanted to share this wonderful natural gift with people. That's how it all started.

In 2011 our company joined an international group, which was created to facilitate the promotion and distribution of agricultural products and medical herbs on the European market. The group consists of three companies, created with English, Polish and Ukrainian capital. The name of this collective is "Mercury Group" and we're successfully operating on Ukrainian and European markets.
Great knowledge of the Eastern European markets and good partnership relationships with leading producers in Ukraine, Moldova, Uzbhekistan and Poland allow us to offer safe and high quality products, according to the strictest European regulations.

Since 2014 "Mercury Group" started growing thistle, which contains a lot of silymarin. The fields used for thistle are monitored and controlled at all times, during all of the agricultural cycle. We used high tech equipment and modern agricultural practices, which result in high thistle yields.

Our reputation allows us to partner with a number of big European companies, which specialize in pharmaceutics, food and provender production.

We owe our success to our competency, honesty, hard work and the loyalty of our staff. High quality of our products also played a huge role, as a result of all of these factors. We cherish our traditions of honesty, integrity and responsibility. That's why our partners completely trust us and our products.